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witch hair

#witchhair #moon #witch @alquemia.lune

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Gabina Farova
Tribute to Alfons Mucha

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something witchy this way comes

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Skagit Valley - Washington - USA (by Michael Bolognesi

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some beautiful old botanical illustrations from a gardening book I own 

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2018 Lunar Calendar

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Nayyirah Waheed

Gentle witch little things


Simple things you can do to bring more love and positivity into the world:

  • enchant the bus or train you’re on, so that everybody has a pleasant day or a safe travel home
  • paint protective sigils in the misty windows of buses or shops when it rains, and leave words of encouragement and praise on public bathrooms’ mirrors
  • bless passing ambulances and firefighter trucks with speed and safety for their patients/destination
  • wear an enchanted lipstick/gloss for your smile to brighten the day of everybody you meet
  • enchant your spare change so that it gives luck to the beggars you donate it to; they need it, don’t they?
  • actually, just enchant your money, so that retail and low-wage workers can have a better day when they serve you
  • leave blessed acorns and harmless trinkets in various places like buses or waiting rooms; give other people something to wonder about and make their day, and kids an item to roll in their hands mindlessly
  • bless food and leave it for stray animals; let birds be messangers of hope and miraclous event for everybody that sees them
  • whisper encouragement to trees and grass you pass by; let them know someone cares, someone sees their beauty, and awaits their bloom
  • smile at children and pets; provide them with the positive energy that the world is trying to kill in them
  • leave motivational notes, praise and silly drawings charged with love and hope on post-it notes as you go; they can brighten the day of those that find them
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#cat #owl #catowl #stara #catmom #sundaymorning #morning #sun #sunnywintermorning #lgbtq #vegan #dziura #dziemujptak? (w: Łódź, Poland)

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#gunwo #kicinogi #bzuh #cat #lgbt #loveislove

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Be gentle with yourself, you are healing.

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